U.B.A.F.´s attendance at the ARA Annual Conference in Cape Town, South Africa from March 25 to 29, 2019

Sponsor of the African Refiners´ and Distributors' Association - ARA, U.B.A.F. will be represented by the Energy & Commodities Division and the Europe, Structured Finance, Risk Distribution & Business Development Division for this annual meeting.

ARA WEEK gathers the major players in refinery and oil distribution in Africa to promote exchanges and development of commercial and financial partnerships.

Bringing together more than 500 key players in the oil and finance industries, political institutions and regulatory bodies, etc., this is an excellent opportunity to identify new trends and innovations in the Trade Finance sector.

Highlighting the reputation of U.B.A.F. on the African continent and beyond, this event reinforces our international presence yearly on Trade Finance projects, and consolidates us as a major specialist in this domain.

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